SQL Server

Earlier in my career I was quite focused on Lotus Domino and Notes. I really had no focus on any other storage databases until around 1999, where a client was using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. I quickly learned how to get around it, and was involved in updating and writing DTS packages, report queries, updating table designs and optimising performance.

I provided consulting assistance in upgrades to SQL Server 7.0 at the time and remained heavily involved right through until SQL Server 2008. I tapered off when SQL Server 2012 and later were becoming main stream as my responsibilities changed to focus more on people.

My SQL Server usage these days is primarily querying data; it’s our primary data storage solution at Derivco. I haven’t designed much in recent times, but occasionally tweaked designs for my team when they were unsure of why something was slow. It seems that all that experience still pays off.