Moving Away From Evil

I am moving away from evil. Specifically Evil 1 (Facebook), Evil 2 (Google), and Evil 3 (Twitter). It’s evidently clear that Google’s intentions in no way align to its actions. Facebook found itself in the same position when it publicly distributed apps through its Apple enterprise developer certificate. When adverts are the revenue, you are the commodity. These sites are free to use yet they make billions. That money comes from somewhere, and that money leads to the power in these decisions.

I’m moving everything away from these corporations as best I can. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account, I’ve deleted Instagram, I’m extracting myself from WhatsApp. I’ve removed Google Analytics from my site. I’ll remove my email from Google. I’ve moved off of Twitter.

Why do I care?

I believe that we should all align the values of the companies we use with our own values. If something goes against our values, and this is far more than privacy alone, then we need to stop supporting these companies.

Facebook is the biggest evil of all the above, and its take on privacy and transparency goes against everything I stand for. It’s a corrupt and dishonest company. It’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg, is so out of touch with the reality of his company’s actions and doesn’t see anything wrong with what he’s doing. Employees there seem to be completely blind, or prefer to turn a blind eye, to the actions of the company. They appear to believe that what they do is fine. It’s not. You hear about Google employees protesting about its company’s actions, but you don’t hear the same of Facebook.

Google performed a similar action that got Facebook’s Apple enterprise developer certificate revoked. Google was slightly less creepy about it. But they also believed that they were doing nothing wrong. Or more importantly, they only mentioned that they were doing something wrong when Facebook was caught out.

Twitter is run by Jack Dorsey. If tweets and abuse reports are anything to go by, he has no clue how to manage his platform. The abuse there is insane. Twitter lets it continue, and is selective about banning individuals based on how important they are to its platform, rather than on a defined set of rules. It means that white supremacy flourishes and death threats are okay.

And a final thought; social media in particular is unhealthy. Moving off of social media can only do you good. Family, real connections, and spare time are what you need; not more distractions from your daily life.

Where am I moving to?

For the most part my sites are all off of these platforms. I host using Netlify, github, CloudFlare, Dreamhost and Amazon’s Route 53. All my email is in services other than Google, with the exception of my family email accounts. I need to figure out how to move these without disruption to my family.

I do not use Facebook for anything at all. Not a damn thing. And their shadow accounts are creepy, and no, Facebook, that data is not my friend’s data. It’s my goddamn email address and phone number. I don’t care how much ambiguous “policy” you put in front of it. And it’s not a violation of free speech either. You don’t mention to anyone that the data they upload will do this.

Twitter I will be sad about, but continuing to use their platform means that I, in some way, endorse it.

I have built my little corner of the internet as this simple blog site. I have full control over it. It’s backed up. It’s simple. It has no ties in to any of these evil corporations. I do not “SEO” to get better Google results. I use duckduckgo anyway. I am hard to find on any search platform since I have such a common name. I’m okay with that. If you stumble across my site then you are welcome to stay, just as you are welcome to move on.