Kanban, step 2

A while ago I wrote about how we were moving to use Kanban in our team, and how it may solve all our problems of managing moving tasks and priorities. I now deliver to you, oh world out there, the changes over the last two years: we dropped Kanban. Not because it was insufficient. Not because it was incapable. Nope. It was weirder than that.

We kept losing Post-Its. Seriously. I still have no idea what Note 53 was about. It was important, but it disappeared behind the network trunking one night never to be found again. There’s a lesson in here, and it’s why we’re now in the next phase: you need a digital system first (or a guarantee that you will never lose a Post-It) and you need to mirror that on your whiteboard. At least that’s my experience so far. We never had a digital system that mirrored our board when we started.

The basic concepts to get us started again are in place. We know the ideas we want to implement, and how to go about them. It’s a matter of now trying to determine whether we use a whiteboard, or one of the many electronic applications available out there. I still like the physical board as it’s tactile, and easily discussed and updated in a stand up. We just need to be disciplined and make sure we capture the status of all those updates electronically as well.

I’ll post a follow up soon.