Project Euler - Functional

In my quest for learning a functional language, I got stymied by what to do. I couldn’t come up with any solutions to help me learn the Haskell language. Going through tons of online documentation and tutorials were not helping, as there was no clear outcome derived from those; “Learning Haskell” is not an end goal. I need a measurement and some tangible outcome that looks interesting.

I stumbled across Project Euler, which looks interesting. What is cool is that I can monitor my progress. I can use any language I like (for the weird among us I suppose you could even use an abacus); you only need to post the answer to the question. Since they’re all mathematical, you can solve them any way you like.

I decided I’d try this with a functional language, specifically Racket (why not Haskell? I just decided that Racket sounded interesting; there’s a concept of a programmable programming language that caught my attention). Even the simplest solution was hard for me (problem 1). I could do it conceptually, but I couldn’t get my program to work. I eventually got it and got the answer after about an hour of head scratching and google searching.

I’ve solved two problems. 23 to go until I get my first achievement. I should be done in 2019.