An Update

You know it’s been a while since I added content here. 9 months more or less. It’s time for a new post about nothing in particular. However, this is also a post about the imminent changes I will be making to this site. Since this is my site, and I don’t give a rat’s whatsit about SEO or “don’t mess with your layout or content too much as you may end up lower on Google” (it is my site after all) so I will prune out some content that I never finished.

The entire Learning Go Series will be removed. I no longer work in Go, and as much as I love the language and ecosystem, there’s just no time for me to complete that entire series.

The Learning Haskell Series, too, is on the chopping block. I will clean that out soon.

I won’t be deleting the posts, they can remain, but the series itself will disappear. I won’t complete them, so it’s pointless leaving them half complete.

I’ll look to turn the ambition down on writing series, and up the ambition on just posting musings about life and work. I may reconsider series, but I need to align them with my longer term skills and hobbies.

For now the site won’t change much. It will be a little different in a few weeks. Update your links.