I started at Derivco as a senior developer back in 2007, in the client core team. I quickly moved across to the services team, where my skills allowed us to implement both a C++ and dotNET service to showcase a comparison. We eventually moved to dotNET as the core platform for our server side technology.

My passion for “fixing broken windows” and having no issue with working in any technology meant that they picked me to lead a development support team for our products. This role meant that I supported a large portfolio of products in our company, helping those teams deliver quality responses to live issues, no small undertaking.

After 9 years in the support team lead role, they asked me to become a Product Owner for the Account team. Here I manage a few products in the Account space, and a team of 9 talented people.


Atlas Award - 2012

Achieved an Atlas Award by assisting, guide and support the testing department. They give this award to the one person in the company that truly went out of their way, assisting the testing team in any way that adds value to them. I am proud of this achievement, especially since I am up against the best in the industry.

.NET Showcase - 2009

Wrote a game service on both C++ and C# to showcase a comparison of what was our legacy technology, and a newer technology that we wanted to move to.

I was tasked to deliver a server-side component in both C++ and C# (with the same time frames) so that we could make a decision about whether dotNET was the way to go. dotNET eventually became our platform of choice, and I was a key driver of this technology decision.

Co-wrote Game Information - 2007

An internal website specifically tailored to our business. Controls and manages several internal product configurations for deployment and set up.