Covid-19 and Self Isolation

Mar 22, 2020

It’s still early days for us, this pandemic. Other countries are further along the curve, and Italy, in particular, is being devastated. At the time of writing they are sitting at 53578 confirmed cases. South Africa is at 240, but so was Italy at its same time. If we don’t distance ourselves socially, then we’ll also be on the list right there near the top.

The US, with Donald Trump single-handedly killing people for early inaction, is fast reaching number 1. This is the “most powerful” country in the world. The one listed as being the most prepared for a pandemic.

The leaders of the world right now are China (albeit with questions around their numbers), Japan and South Korea. The rest of us are just hoping our populations will listen to requests of their leaders. And yet, the SA Zionist church in South Africa has decided to go ahead with Easter mass. This is a faith leader in South Africa, and they are being irresponsible. If this goes ahead, there will be avoidable deaths, and it will be on their hands.

This is not the time to get together. This is not the time to go out. It is not the time to be near anyone. Keep your family in your home and stay there, if you can. Just be sensible. Kid’s parties count as gatherings. Covid-19 does not care that the gathering is below 100 people. This is not like the 5-second rule.

This too shall pass. No, we don’t know when.