My name is Brian Johnson. I dabble in various programming languages (currently Python 3). I primarily work on server side technologies.

I manage a team of talented engineers during the day, and spend time with my family by night.

Please browse around. I have a few things for you to explore. Want to know my professional career? I have a LinkedIn profile for that. For everything else, there’s my site… Or google. Thankfully I’m hard to find on google (thanks AC/DC). Just as well, I don’t really want you to know about that picture (I’m not the one at the front-right. With long hair. Or the matching outfit from the 90’s.)


I work at Derivco in an office overlooking the Indian Ocean, in La Lucia, Durban. My views couldn’t be much better. At the office I am a Software Engineering Manager of our Registration team. I manage a team of highly talented individuals. I sleep, eat and breathe their career growth.

I blog about specific topics, almost exclusively technical.

You can email if you want. I respond to everything, apart from spam.

Even more information

I’m married to the most beautiful person in the world, Bianca. We have a son, Kyle, who is overly adorable, and a little daughter named Ayla, who is putting pressure on Kyle to perform. Most of my free time is spent with my family.

I like wine, cheese, craft beer, food, watching sport, good British humour, Lego and camping, amongst many things. Some say I do too much. I try to do everything. At least once. I’ve tried golf, skateboarding, mountain biking, road cycling and kite boarding. Each of those with varying degrees of success.

I had a hand in some game development once, or twice. We were (mostly) successful.

(PS: I don’t control the game development site above, and the links often don’t work.)

My Background

My father bought me a ZX Spectrum (128K+2 for those that remember) back in 1988. It was the start of a love affair with programming that still stands. I have a love for programming languages and have had experience in many languages, ranging from assembly to Go, Java to C#, C to C++, Haskell to Rust, Ruby, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, R, Python, T-SQL, and many others.